What should I wear to class?

At Samadhi, we want you to feel comfortable. We recommend dressing in layers so that you have a cozy sweatshirt or sweater that you can add or remove as needed. Many of us wear sweat pants, soft shorts, or yoga pants with a comfortable loose shirt. Feel welcome to wear shorts, pants, skirts, suits, work attire, etc. but you’ll probably be the most comfortable wearing soft stretchy materials. You may also bring a pair of socks or go barefoot as we’ll have you toss your shoes before entering our meditation space.

Do I need to bring a cushion or yoga mat?

Samadhi is all about your experience. With your ultimate relaxation as our goal, we provide cushions and chairs for your comfort and conveniance. You may also bring your own meditation cushion if you own something special that you’d prefer to use. If you have any physical limitations that you are concerned about, please give us a call to discuss accommodations.

Is there anything I should bring to class?

Other than a closed-top water bottle, just bring your open heart and open mind. We take care of the rest!

Is it okay to bring my child?

While we absolutely adore children, it is important to remember that our community is focused on radical self-care and deep relaxation. As much as we love kiddos, it’s harder to invite quiet reflective moments when they are with us. Generally, we recommend our adult meditation classes for individuals 12 years of age and older. We trust that you know your child the best and perhaps they’re already a little yogi at heart. For special consideration of children under the age of 12, please give us a call to discuss before you book a cushion. Keep your eyes peeled for kids classes in the future.

What should I eat before class?

We suggest eating light at least an hour or two prior to class starting. If you come to class right after a large meal, you’ll likely be uncomfortable. Likewise, if you come to class super hungry, it will be extra challenging for you to focus your attention.

Why do I need to reserve my cushion?

Class sizes are kept small so that instructors can individualize each and every class to the students participating. Our small classes ensure the highest experience for each person. When you book your cushion, we know we have your spot reserved. That way, you can show up relaxed….trusting you’re already booked for class. See you on a cushion soon!

Anything additional I need to know?

Yes! Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to class. This will give you time to use the restroom, take off your shoes, and select your seat. Once you’ve entered the main door, we invite you to use your whisper voice or to practice silence to prepare your mind for deep relaxation. Your support of a serene environment also aids our instructors as they wrap up the class right before yours.