As a member or guest of Samadhi Nashville, we kindly ask that you be mindful of the following guidelines and policies, so that all members may enjoy an effective, safe, peaceful, and positive class experience.

  • Please register for class online and in advance. All monetary transactions occur through the website so that our instructors can focus on class.

  • Once you’ve entered the main door, we invite you to use your whisper voice or to practice silence to prepare your heart and mind for deep relaxation. Your support of a serene environment also aids our instructors as they wrap up the class right before yours.

  • Check-in with your instructor when you arrive so that he/she can mark you present. Let them know if you are new to class or new to meditation.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class start time. This extra time will pave the foundation for a calm and soothing transition to class. To minimize disruptions to all, late entries will not be permitted.

  • Cell phones must be turned completely off prior to entering the building and left outside of the practice room. You may also leave your phone in your car.

  • Please leave your shoes in the hallway under a chair or in the conference room if not in use.